Monday, May 28, 2007


Please click on the pink "comments" link at the bottom right of these 2 paragraphs. I have changed the settings so that anyone can leave a comment on our blog now.

I am creating a "Guestbook" here for all of our friends, family, and guests that have followed Mia's blog at some point or another. The messages from all of you mean so much to us - and we wanted to officially keep this record for Mia so that she will one day know of all the people who followed her journey into our hearts. Thank you & we love you all!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed everything about the Journey to Mia and we are looking forward to meeting her!!! Thank you for sharing the trip with us. Aunt Lois Seals and Cousin Jacque Nelson

Kym McAlister said...

I have been blessed beyond measure reading your journey to Mia Grace. Only by Gods grace and love was a little girl born, abandoned, placed in an orphange, and then 8mos later born again into the hearts of a mommy, daddy, and big sister 1/2 way around the world. God didn't stop there. No Way! He has been using her and her family to His glory ever since. Your journal has been blessing people all over Northwest Arkansas. God has done HUGE things in Mia's life, and He's only just begun. Glenda, thank you so much for your writings. I hope you know how every day I looked forward to checking your blog, hoping that there would be new pictures and an entry. I laughed thinking about Brad's red face, the airport fiasco. From one wife to another, we've all been there! Just trying to keep the peace before the storm - amen? and then, I cried and cried as I read your Mother's Day entry. I can only imagine the overwhelming excitement of looking at "your" girls. I thought about the emotions that only you and Brad can know as you visited the place where your baby girl was left, and touched the crib where God held her as she slept and waited. Macy is such a big girl. She should be proud of herself for being such a great world traveler. It is true that our children seem to grow up overnight,while we are sleeping. So, look on the bright side... you're getting to spend a lot of time watching your baby girls grow. Lots of love to each of you, Kym McAlister

Jill Poland said...

I followed you everyday of the trip. I couldn't remember my sign on and password after I created it so I was only able to send you one message.
I enjoyed reading your daily comments, you have a way with words and a good sense of humor.
What another beautiful daughter God has given you.
Maybe we could get together with Tanya again when the jet lag has worn off.

Scott Word said...

Glenda and Family,

Thank you for sharing your journey to Mia with all of us. You now have 2 beautiful little daughters under your roof. God has truly blessed you and has surley guided you every step of the way on this journey.

Take care,
Scott Word and Family

Bob & Shari Fant said...

Mia is so very special and so very was great to 'meet' her last Saturday. Of course, it is a good thing she is so special and beautiful since she has a big sister who is both special and beautiful!

It was fun keeping up with you on your journey. Thanks for sharing the time with us.

Bob & Shari Fant

Matt Jordan said...

Hello McMaths!

I am glad to see that everyone is doing so well. Macie seems to be right at home with her little sister. Glenda, one only has to read to see your joy. Brad, have you ordered your golf clubs? Mine work pretty good. I haven't lost a club head yet and I get pretty good distance. I am sure that the distance factor is not due to the clubs but the swinger.

Allison, Benjamin, Callie, Caleb and I are doing well. Caleb has even decided that Louie, our Golden, is worthy of friendship though it was not that way at first.

I am back on the road again, but I did purchase a couple of web cameras and subscribed to Skype so that we can see eachother every day.

Caleb thought that was "COOL." He could not figure out how to get daddy out of the monitor, but it is truly a good technology to have.

Well, I will wrap this up for now. Please keep in touch.

The Jordan 5
Matt, Allison, Ben, Callie & Caleb

Anonymous said...

Reading "The Journey to Mia Grace" was a part of my morning routine everyday that you guys were in China receiving "your girl." Everyday brought laughter and smiles and some days tears of happiness and appreciation for the great leap of faith you have taken. May God always smile down upon your beautiful family!

Ms. Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Macy and Mia,
Uncle Jordan, Aunt KiKi and Aunt Taytay send their love. Can't wait to see you and give you both lots of hugs and kisses!

love you big much!
Jordan Mackenzie and Taylor

Kristin Bland said...

I believe my Stepmother, Shari Radford, met you at NIM? She forwarded the link to your blog to me because we are in the waiting part of our adoption process. Our LID is April 29, 2006. It was such a pleasure to follow you through China! I loved your candor and your sweet girls are GORGEOUS!!!! God is so good!!!
~Kristin Bland and Family.

AWAA Group 234 said...

Hello To the McMath Family!
We miss you all so much! We are glad to see you have all adjusted to the time change, That was a killer! Faith had a few days she was up and smilin' ready to play at 2:00 AM! She has her big brothers wrapped around her little finger! but I could not function without them right now! The time we all shared in China has changed all of our lives forever. These little girls are such a blessing and I just know God has an awsome plan for each of their lives. For he knows the plan he has for them... plans to give them a hope and a future. God Bless all of you! Give Mia a hug from her crib-mate Faith! & give Macy a big hug from Mr. Steve and Miss Jodi!
We love you all!
Jodi, Steve, Paul, Ben & Faith Rathjen

The Steins said...

Congrats! Mia is such a cutie! I enjoyed keeping up with you guys everyday and what you were up to in your adventures. It made me miss Dorinda really bad too! :0) I haven't seen her in forever... But anyways we're so happy for you all. I know that you've been waiting a long time and we're glad your back safe and that Mia fits in so perfectly with your family.
-Brandon, Jamie & Laney Beth

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog I looked forward to see what you had written
on it every day. I enjoyed the stories and the pictures it made it
seem like we were right there with you. I am looking forward to having
Mia in my Sunday school class.


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed every day with you on your journey to Mia.
Mia when you read this in the years to come just know that we all love you. I am Granny Faye and Papa Jack and I both love you. Your Mom and Dad love you very much and we are all happy for the whole family that they have you. Just looking at your Mom's face shows the joy she has in you. Her face just glows with happiness and so does Macy's. I can't say that Dad has a glowing face but we can see the love he has for you. May you have a long and happy life in America.

Love Granny Faye

Patsy Graham said...

Mia you were born on Grandma Joyce's birthday. A thrill and blessing!
Welcome to the McMath family and looking forward seeing you at the
reunion. You have a beautiful big sister. Brad and Glenda, thanks for
sharing all of this. WOW! Love, Aunt Patsy, (Keith, Jeanne, Jennifer,
Jessica, Audra, and Sarah Graham)

Anonymous said...

HI Glenda -
Welcome home and Congratulations!!!

What a beautiful family you have and Macy and Mia are precious gifts from

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your adoption journey - I loved
receiving your blogs and photos :-)

May God continue to bless you and your family for all the years to come!

For His Glory~

Shari Radford
Director of Registration
FAX 417-339-1962

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for sharing. It looks like little Mia is doing well! I
am so glad to hear it. The website was wonderful to look through. It
looks like it was a great experience.

Blessings to you,

Ashley Lawson
Travel Coordinator
6723 Whittier Avenue, Suite 202
McLean, VA 22101
Toll Free: 888-ONE-CHILD ext. 180
Direct Line: (703) 891-3139
Fax: (703) 356-8973

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are home! I know the pains of jet lag. I can tell
Mia is apart of your family already. Praise God!! Can't wait to meet
her. I am so happy for you. I'm also glad you got to see our part of
the world.

Michelle Bernard said...

Mia, you have joined a wonderful family. You and Macy will have so much fun. Thank you Glenda and Brad for the blogs so that so many of us could join this journey with you. I only got to meet you for a short time when you picked up your puppy, Maggie, but could tell you are blessed family. God Bless and keep you, Michelle Bernard

Anonymous said...

Congrats! She fits perfectly with your family! God always knows what He's doing.... ;)
Billy, Tonya, Isaac, and Jude Reeves!

Anonymous said...

Wow,God is faithful, isn't he? What a miracle for all of you. Mia is beautiful just like Macy.Enjoy Raising 2 girls! It's a challenge and well worth it. Our favorite pics had to be the Razorback pics. We are so glad you are all home safely. Love you very much.

DeWayne and Florine

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog after a friend sent it out to a yahoo group (the wrong yahoo group). However I'm glad she messed up because I've really enjoyed reading about your journey to Mia Grace. Your truly a wonderful family.
By the way I was born in Huntsville however now live in Lowell.

Shauna said...

Glenda, Brad, Macy & Mia,

It is so fun to see the transformation in all our girls! Mia is beautiful. Sounds like many of us had the same after-vaccination experience. We miss our Group 234 Family.

Shauna, Joel & Kylee

Anonymous said...

Brad, Glenda, Macy, & Mia,

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey to Mia. Glenda is a great writer and I have enjoyed reading every posting. Everyday I would pull up the website during my lunch break at work to see what new and exciting things were happening in China. I laughed and cried with you. I will always remember your 1st Mother's Day with both your girls, Glenda because it was my 1st Mother's Day. I prayed for you daily and continue to do so. I am glad that God watched over & protected you while in China. Mia is a beautiful baby girl and is blessed to have you as parents and sister. I am so glad that she will grow up in a Christian home and will have the chance to accept Jesus at a young age. Mia, you have a great Christian heritage. I have grown up in the same church your great grandparents attend, where your Noni grew up, & where your Noni & Big Daddy now pastor. Your Noni was my babysitter. I have taught your aunt's, Mackenzie & Taylor in Prims. I love your family. You will have to come visit. I can't wait to meet you.

Love & Prayers,
Laura Tolleson
WM 1st A/G

Anonymous said...

Thank you and May God richly bless this family for reaching out to Mia, giving her the experiences that every child deserves.....a loving family....and especially a family that loves our Lord Jesus.
WOW! These pictures are such a blessing. May her life always be a testimony to God's love and grace. Love, Kisses and Prayers,
Great Aunt Millie & Uncle Dail Lace

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't know what else to say b/c it has been an awesome experience to see how God has worked in your lives. He has given you another beautiful and special child. I have laughed and cried reading your feelings and details of your trip. I was really impressed at how love has changed Mia. The pictures from the first day really showed her sadness and longing for someone to love her. As the month has gone by, I could tell by her eyes and her expressions that she is getting the love and attention she deserves.

Beth Wilson
WM 1st AG

Laura Mahan said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad that you are all home safely! Bro. Dewayne fixed my computer so I can view your website (I got on once at school then they blocked it).
What an experience and appreciation you have/had! I am praying God's most wonderful blessings over your family. We are blessed to have you in our lives.
Laura Mahan