Monday, May 7, 2007

More Great Wall Pics

Brad, Glenda, & Macy McMath on the Great Wall of China. Razorbacks were well represented today!

Macy, me, & Mom calling the Hogs on the Great Wall!! Wooooo Pig!!

This is our travel group. 9 families. 7 receiving daughters from Yang Xi in Guangdong Province. 1 family receiving daughter and 1 family receiving son from other orphanages in Guangdong Province. We represent: Arkansas, Virginia (2), New York, Alabama, North Carolina, Oregon, Missouri, and California.

These 2 pics are sites being constructed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The bubble looking one is called the "Water Cube." There is construction going on ALL OVER Beijing right now to prepare for the Olympics.

Most of our meals here in Beijing have been served "family style". They just bring all of the dishes to your table and you serve yourself your choice. There is a cool lazy susan thing in the center of each table to make this easier. I am thinking we need one of these for Thanksgiving Dinner! Also it would help waitresses in America to not have to walk around the table to fill everyone's glasses!

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