Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 4 in pics

These pics are from the Summer Palace, the popular tourist site - where the royalty of dynasties gone past would spend summers. It is beautiful in architecture and on a nice little lake...even though the water looked very dirty.

Another of Macy's adoring fans at the pearl factory. The group of girl clerks told me I did not look American. They said they thought I looked part Asian! Never heard that one before!


poisonouspoet said...

Hey guys!
We r glad ur enjoying urselves. We have been enjoying ur stories and pics. The squatty potty is our far. My mom says to tell Dorinda hello, and that she is very excited for you, as we all are. We can't wait to meet Mia! YEAAAA! We pray that your journey continues to be a joyous one!
Love Ya The Chambers Family

heather and lee porter said...

hi guys!! It's great to hear from you. We are so glad you made it to China safely. Can't wait to meet baby Mia. Be safe and come home soon . Love ya, The Porters