Friday, May 4, 2007

Macy is considered an "Angel" by Chinese?

This morning we met Tim & Lynne Copeland at breakfast. They are great! They are the couple that brought along their 5 year old daughter that they adopted in 2003. They are very knowledgeable about things since this is their second trip to China. They told us to be prepared for the Chinese people's reaction to Macy. We looked at them strangely and said, "What do you mean?" Tim went on to tell us how for some reason the Chinese people think that any child with light colored hair is an "angel". I'm not sure how literal that is - will have to research it a little. But starting at that moment and through all of today people would stop and talk to her, touch her hair, and even motion the question for could they take a picture of their children standing next to her. Even when Macy's new friend Maggie (Chinese adoptee) and her were playing and the workers were stopping to talk to them - you could see a preference for them to talk to and touch Macy. I am so GLAD the Copeland's prepared us for this or it would have MAJORLY FREAKED US OUT!

Brad was trying to explain to Macy why people keep looking at her and talking to her and she repeated to me the reason for all of this. She said, "People keep looking at me b/c they think I'm a movie star." Soooo funny.

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