Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Processing things...

Brad and I were able to spend a couple of hours talking last night - the first chance we have really had. Even in China things were so crazy that we didn't talk like we needed to. He just really wasn't himself on this trip and we were trying to define what got to him. The day we visited Tienanmen Square and saw all of the beggars and sick people really got to him. He was really struggling with fear that Macy would somehow get some kind of illness while we were in China. It was a real battle for him and really drained him. I could tell that he had receded into a shell at some point.

But I know that God works ALL things together for good - and may be using this experience to build Brad's trust in Him. He always has so much faith for everyone else. I guess this was his time to not have to be strong for anyone else. Please pray that we will learn all that God wants us to from our experiences in China and that God will bring new freedom from fear and worry to our lives.

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