Monday, May 7, 2007

Permission to visit Orphanage!

Wooo hooo !!!!! This morning when I was manning the mic I asked how many families would be interested in visiting Yang Xi - the orphanage where 7 of our 9 babies are. It was just about everyone. I was wanting our guides to see it was more than just us. You have to get permission from the Civil Affairs office and the Orphanage Director before you can go. Not all orphanages are open for visits from foreigners. The guides said we will wait until we have had our daughters for a few days, see how they are adapting and bonding, and then make the decision on how many people still want to go. But we are pumped that permission has been granted! I have read that if you do get to visit the town where your orphanage is that your driver may take you to your child's "finding spot" - where they were abandoned and found. At first that may seem depressing - but I think it also offers roots. Go and read my post from April called "Mia's story - the condensed version". It tells a little about where she was found and the first day of her life.

How can we love someone so much that we have never met? If you are a parent of a biological child - how could you love them so much before they were even born? That is what we are feeling. She is about to be delivered into our lives and our family. We can't wait.

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ConfidentGurl said...

My Take on it is that Mia is meant to be yours. God put that love you have for her. God knows all. It takes a special person who can adopt and love a child as their own. Its sad that a lot of people don't have that ability. Its a God thing ( as my friend Wanda Says)
It comes so natural to you guys.