Saturday, December 15, 2007

7 Month update since Gotcha!

If little Ms. Mia develops any more personality - I am afraid she is going to bust! Personality plus she is! I thought last month was great - but she continues to amaze me day by day.

I have heard people make the comment - "I am not sure that I could love an adopted child as much as a biological child." Well, I can tell you - I feel no differently about Mia than I do about Macy. One born in my tummy - the other born in my heart. I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE these girls soooooo much. I can NOT imagine our lives today without Mia being in our family.
We had our 6 month follow up visit with our social worker in November. After she had asked about 20 questions - I stopped....and said.... " I am sorry I don't have anything negative to say...everything has just been wonderful.....the bonding....her health...her development..." She was thrilled because that is not always the story. Many times families have to work through bonding issues and adjustment periods... It made me realize that everything with Mia - has been like out of a fairytale for us. It has been PERFECT. And I don't want to take that for granted. God - out of His grace - chose to bless every part of our post-adoption. I was fully prepared for every possible outcome - but for some reason He gave us an easy road. Maybe it was the 7 years we spent praying for this little girl! Or maybe some people can just handle that "test" and He knew it would be too much for us! :) Either way - I am thankful for our fairytale!

Mia playing in fall leaves.

This is my youngest sister, Taylor. She had us all in awe over Thanksgiving b/c she has mastered her back-handspring.

We went to see the new movie "Enchanted" over Thanksgiving. Then "played" princess....Macy would eat the poisonous apple....and fall asleep FOREVER...the only way she could wake up was if her one true sister would come give her a hug and a kiss! We played this over and over and over.....and it was a moment that was just....enchanting.

Ladies Christmas party at our house on the first Tuesday in December. Missed all of you who couldn't make it - but we had a great time. None of the MOPS moms could make it- must have something to do with all of the small children!
I had set my timer on my camera for this picture and then ran and jumped in with Macy and Mia....and whoops it cut Lesia out!

While setting the timer I experienced a GREAT moment...Macy jumped on my right shoulder wanting to be held and see what I was doing...and Mia crawled onto my lap to see what I was doing...and I started falling out of my chair backwards...and Mia laughed and laughed and squealed with delight. It was too precious. I about busted a gut laughing!

Boy these parties can get wild! While playing white Santa - we wanted to see some of the gifts modeled! Thanks to Pam for always bringing the gift with all of her purses from the previous year! We still haven't decided who brought the zebra/batman is still a mystery....

And by the way - I really love these ladies!

Then we raced onward to Friday night when we hosted the annual Deacon and Staff Christmas party at our house. Pictured are back row: Associate Pastor, Deacon, Youth Pastor, Deacon; Seated: Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper, Deacon; Floor: Deacon, Pastor Brad and Mia!

Just thought that was fun and "official"...should put it in the paper or something!

We missed our secretary Tiffany at the party this year - but her best friends were graduating from nursing school...and she could have brought a HUSBAND this year!
We are so blessed to be a part of an awesome church and to have a group of people that we work closely with that are like family to us. As I look at this picture my heart swells - b/c these people were at our house with us last year - as we waited patiently for Mia. They prayed with us, waited with us, and rejoiced with us. Thank you! We LOVE you!

Who do you think makes a better Batwoman? Mia or Ms. Dianna? I will have to start a poll on this question!

And of course our "elder" deacons always get a little frisky at my parties...seems like I have a picture from 2006 Christmas on this same couch of them smooching....hmmmnnn....devavu?