Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We have our girl!

We have had Mia for 2 hours now! And she is doing GREAT! The AWESOME thing is that out of the 9 families in our group - NONE of them cried! Except for maybe a tear or two...but no wailing! That is really unique. The drive for the girls us to us was a 3 hour bus ride. So it has been a traumatic day for them. It is incredible how great they are doing.

HERE is the AWESOME thing. The only time Mia has cried has been when I walked away from her. I put her in Brad's lap to look for something and she started crying...ALREADY wanting her Mommy! Wow! She definitely wants ME already. It is unbelievable.

The only thing is that when they gave her to us - she had this big sore at the top of her forehead that looks pretty bad. But I have good med for it so we are prepared!

I will post more later. My baby girl is crying for me again! Can you see me grinning and clapping right now? :)

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