Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 4 in Beijing

OK - I'll be honest....this has been a wonderful experience....but I am tired, tired of being hot, and ready to see my Mia. I am ready to get on with it. I'm here for her - not for the grand tour! ;) I realize we come early to acclimate ourselves to the time change and weather change so that we are better ready to receive our children with full energy and health...but all of the touring is exhausting and it is starting to get agonizing. I am ready for my sweet girl. I am ready to see her. 3 days now until we get Mia.

Last night I slept from 8 PM until 5 AM this morning. That is when Macy woke up ready to roll! I probably could have slept longer. Mom gave me something for queasiness last night to help me sleep and I finally got a full night of sleep. I was really needing it.

Today we attended the Beijing International Church service. Only foreigners can attend. You have to have your passport to get in. I didn't really get to take much in b/c I had a splitting headache and Macy was very squirmy until Daddy finally took her and worked her into sleep with his magic. Thankfully by the end of the service my headache was gone...but I don't know anything that was said. In all truth I almost fell asleep - not b/c it was boring - but just the exhaustion. They sang contemporary songs and had guitar and drums. It was really nice - I just didn't get to enjoy it.

Our guide, Maggie, was telling us about the top 5 religions in China on the bus. She told us a little about what most Chinese people believe. Basically they believe the sun is their God and if the sun shines and it rains so their crops produce - then they are blessed. Kind of the "nature" thing. Brad had made the comment to me that he thought it was illegal to attend church in China - and most of the people in our service looked Chinese. So I asked Maggie a question on the bus, "I have heard that it is illegal to be a Christian in China." To which she replied that "that may have been true 20 years ago - but not now. You can talk about what you believe with anyone." I am not sure about this. I hear too many stories of persecution. I think this must be a very complex issue here. She did state that her and Rosa study all of the religions....and also something along the lines that even though they don't profess believing any religion - they study them. She said that when you have been taught your entire life that there is no God - but is very hard to believe in religion. So please pray for these precious girls. My heart wants them to know the same peace and joy that I know in accepting Jesus. Pray for them to have understanding. Pray for their hearts to be opened. Pray for opportunities for us to show them God's love.

We went back to the hotel and our group went on to a Beijing Duck dinner. It may be famous - but Macy needs a break and so do Brad and I. So we are all vegging out in our room....wondering what in the world we will eat for dinner - but not having enough energy to care. Tomorrow we go to the Great Wall of China. Then Tuesday we depart for Guangzhou. That is far into south China. At least a 3 hour flight. Then WEDNESDAY MIA JOINS OUR FAMILY! That is what we are ready for!!! :)

Then we visited a restaurant where they served what they call "Western Chinese" food. Thank you God! They had a dish that closely resembled lo mein and one that was like sweet and sour chicken and I got a HUGE plate full and enough for 3 hungry teenage boys! And they had FORKS! Wooo hoo!

Then we visited a pearl factory next door. Once again - I didn't really take in what they were saying about how pearls are made. It was our decision to bring Macy - and I am really glad that we did - but it requires 100% of my energy to keep her occupied and to keep her contained....especially in a fancy place like this. It kinda looked like a jewelry store. Lots of pearls in glass cases. And once little Macy was the "movie star". All of the clerks swarmed her talking to her, commenting about how beautiful she was, took her to the drink cases and gave her a sprite, gave her a little bag for her pearl....definitely special treatment. There are 2 other American children in our group: Ben age 10 and his sister Callie age 7. And of course there is Maggie the Chinese girl that is 5. I am thinking they find Macy's curly, fine, long hair and her big round eyes unique. It would probably be the same for us if we had hardly ever seen a little Chinese girl...we would be fascinated. Callie has also gotten lots of attention b/c of her blond hair and blue eyes. Ben reminds me of my sister Mackenzie so much it is amazing. His mannerisms, sweet spirit, eyes, the way he interacts with Macy. He looks more like Mackenzie than Jordan or Mackenzie or me! It is really weird.

Next we walk to the next block and visit the summer palace. It is a historical site where the emperor would stay in the summer. We walked over a big bridge to an island, then took a boat with a dragon on the front across a lake to the other side. It was interesting - but hot and tiring. I had heard that Beijing weather is comparable to Chicago. Not true. It is not as hot as DC, but not as cool as Chicago this time of year.

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