Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 15

I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Are we ever going to go home? Are we stuck in hotels and paperwork forever? I am SOOO ready to see Huntsville, Arkansas again! To see green grass. To see our beautiful trees! To see our Ozark mountains! smell the chicken houses....well, OK, maybe I won't go that far....but then again - YES I will! The chicken house smell is better than the sewer smell in most of the bathrooms here! They must not have good plumbing or something b/c most of the bathrooms reek!

Anyway, today I had to stay in the room from 9-11 AM while Maggie and Rosa went to the Consulate for us. We had to be by a phone just in case any questions arose. No call - so that was good! Mia did not sleep well last night. I think it is b/c she didn't eat much yesterday so she was hungry and was making up it through the night! She was so fussy - Brad was concerned. She didn't wake up or cry hardly at all the first few days we had her - and last night was really hard. But according to most of the families in our group - this was the case. We have no structure to our days now - so I am sure that is why everyone is out of whack. Can't wait to get home!

Tonight we ate at a GREAT restaurant called the Banana Leaf. The food was excellent and the entertainment was great! There were about 5 guitar & drum players with about 10 dancers that moved around the room with lively and festive music. They got a couple of our guys and one of the grandma's up to dance with them. It was hilarious! I'm pretty sure Brad captured it all on film (of course). :)

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