Thursday, May 17, 2007

Orphanage pictures

We were received with great hospitality. We were taken into a conference room and each of us had a plate with all of this fruit on it!

Mom chowing down on something. We are not sure what kind of fruit it was - but she like it!

Mia getting her first taste of banana!

These are the 7 cribs that the 7 baby girls in our group slept in.

Macy standing in front of a bunch of walkers on their patio.

Our group standing outside the baby room we got to see. Left to right: Gary Morris holding baby Jessica (from Oregon), Joel & Shauna Oswald holding baby Kylee (from Virginia near DC), Steve & Jodi Rathjen holding baby Faith (from New York), and Russell & Lisa Holcomb holding baby Jenna (from California). And of course Macy in her red shirt (from Arkansas - Go Hogs!)

Brad video taping the inside of Mia's crib. I'm sure he will turn it into a video moment.

We learned from the nannies that Faith and Mia shared a crib during their baby days. They also said that Faith and Mia were the most outgoing of the bunch.

Our family standing in front of the Yang Xi orphanage. I thought it was so neat that this is the last time Mia will ever have to see this orphanage unless we come back by choice at a later time to visit China. She is a McMath now!

The orphanage director and nanny took us to a restaurant to eat lunch. This is our big circular table with the spinning family style center. I'm not sure what all was served today. ;)

This is Mia's "finding spot." She was left at the gate of this eating establishment on the day she was born, August 21, 2006. I journaled about this a few posts down from this one.

The director and nanny waving goodbye to our bus. They were truly caring and sweet to us this day. I think that they are happy that these babies have loving families now.

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