Friday, May 4, 2007

"Angel" Angel

Angel Rogers - from West Memphis - I just want you to know that your name is so fitting. I was speechless upon receiving the gift packages you sent to us for our trip.. Going to our Wal-Mart registry and buying stuff for our trip - you are MORE than amazing. I want to endeavor to have that incredible gift of hospitality and charity. How did you know that the Sam's choice tropical was my favorite trail mix? I am LOVING it! And Macy LOVED her little books and stuff. I can't express to you how wonderful you have made me feel. Thank you. And I can't believe you gave MY MOM an envelope with $ in it for us. That you trusted her not to lose it is one thing!!! But that you sent such a wonderful $ gift on top of all of the other stuff. Wow. You can't know how much it blessed us. We ended up being short of $ at the end b/c of the additional costs with our hotel room, having to renew paperwork that was getting old, and Macy's flight ticket being almost as much as an adult ticket. YOU BLESSED US. Thank you. Sniff, sniff. Blow.

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