Friday, May 11, 2007

I took this pic just now of Mia waking up and playing with Daddy.

Macy checking out the "pets" at the meat market. She was going "Ohhhhh - look at the little turtles, frogs and snakes!" And I told her I didn't think they were sweet little pets - but that people were planning on eating them!

Daddy working his magic again on the sleepy girl!

Macy sitting under the "Great Stone Dragon" like Mulan!

Brad ordered this Baked Pie at McDonalds. He thought it was blueberry. But it was nasty! It said "taro" pie....can't remember what that is? A root maybe?


crix said...

Hi, macymiamon!!

First of all I would like to congratulate to you for your two little princess: macy & mia.
I am the proud mommy of Chinese-Spanish girl, who also came from Yangxi orphanage. She spent there the first seven months of her life; we went to China to meet her last September. Now she is 15 -months baby, healthy, pretty and happy.
It has been so exciting for me reading “ the journey to mia grace” blog every day. It has been almost the same like our own trip. During our China´s experience I wrote some kind of diary about funny stories with Chinese people and some more related with inexperienced parents as we were. I continue writing our baby day life and her little progresses.
I am enjoying so much your blog. Thank so much for sharing your day-life experiences with us.
Apologise my English. Greetings from Spain. CRIX

Jay & Angela said...

Just wanted to say thanks again for the pictures of our little Laney!! It made my Mother's Day even brighter!! Your Mia and Macy are precious.


Tonya said...

Hey Guys!
We're all so happy 4 u! It looks like ur having a lot of fun. We all can't wait 4 u to return. We're lovin' the pics. I'm glad I previewed these b4 my mom took a look, she'd have a heart attack if she saw the snakes! HA Anyways, have a safe trip home. We love ya! The Chambers Family