Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Snow Day!

It seems like maybe Mia's childhood is on it's way to completion....isn't your first snow part of the "big" childhood events? I was beginning to think we may not get any snow this year - but today's snow is PERFECT for sledding and snow ball fights!

She could hardly walk in her little pink snowsuit! Hilarious!

Macy's friend Candace is spending the day with us today b/c her mom and dad are moving stuff in to their new house. We have been having a BLAST!
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Monday, January 21, 2008

8 month update

Wow - I don't think things have slowed down any from Christmas yet! Craziness!

We had the BEST Christmas EVER! Definitely because Mia was now with us. We have been "waiting" for her the last two Christmas season's - and it was PURE JOY to have her here. She was so sweet - opening so many presents and being in awe over what to touch first. Macy of course LOVED being able to not only open her own gifts - but to help her little sister open hers too!

Then Macy turned 5 on January 7th! Ahhhh! My little baby girl is getting so big! We had originally gotten a trampoline for the girls for Christmas...but we were way too busy to put it we saved it for the big birthday.

I love this layered picture I made of the jumping girl!

Mia can say ma ma, daddy, moo, arf arf, please (ta), thank you (chk chu), mamaw (mam), pa, and if she doesn't have a word - she will just scream and wave her arms to communicate! Her first word she learned when she had been home only one month was "kitty kitty" (did did did) - calling the cats! Soooooo sweet.

This has been a GREAT 8 months with little Mia!