Friday, May 18, 2007

Coming Home!

I have never been so ready to come home. Not only b/c I miss my bed, my house, my friends, my church, my town, ....but b/c I am ready to bring our new daughter into our home. She has never had a home...but now she does. We are her forever family. Brad and Macy are both READY to come home, BOTH tired of this hotel room, BOTH cranky, BOTH ready!

It is 9:30 PM here now....packing up our bags. Today we went to the American Consulate and received a special packet of paperwork to give the immigration gate when we land in Denver. Upon landing in America - Mia will be a US citizen! Woooo hoo! We get up at 4:30 am, send our luggage off at 5AM, leave the hotel at 6 am, and fly out of Guangzhou to Hong Kong at 8:25 am. We will then connect from Hong Kong to Denver, stopping over at San Francisco for fuel or something like that. We will have a 5 HOUR layover in Denver before flying to XNA in Fayetteville and landing at 10:19 PM Saturday evening, May 19. We will have been up for 30 hours when we land at XNA. I really think Jet Lag will be permanently tattooed on my head by then.

PLEASE pray for us. Mia is an extremely good baby and has bonded AWESOMELY. However, she is restless. She does not like to be in dark rooms or confined for long periods of time when she is awake. The taxi rides here have been very fussy. And those were only for 15 - 30 min. So the 30 hour trip, 16 hours of which is one flight - we NEED YOU TO PRAY for her to be CONTENT! I know that God can do this - he has been so faithful to answer all of our prayers regarding Mia and this journey so far. So please ask the Lord for favor for our family as we travel.

Hope to see you all soon! We will 99.9% not be at church Sunday......duh, huh?!! :) But we do plan to recuperate and be in church the next Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend. So if all of you from Huntsville First Assembly do not catch a glimpse of the new McMath angel this week - you can see her at church NEXT Sunday - as long as all is well at our household! :) Macy can not wait to see her church, her preschool, and her friends again! Also, Mamaw, Pa, Max, Maggie, Copper, JoJo, and the kittens are high on the list!! :)

Love to you all! Thank you for praying for us on this journey. Oh - and P.S. to the West Memphis following - we hope to be with you in service sometime this summer so you can see our sweet Mia in person! ;) Maybe Big Daddy can see her before Christmas!!!!

I will continue to post to this blog for a few weeks to allow you to follow the transition process for our family. I know that many of you adoptive families have found the blog helpful and I will post more tips and BTDT thoughts later this week also. My mom and I have been forming a list of things that would be helpful for you all!

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