Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 2 in Pics

Macy sitting on a mat outside our hotel.

Two buildngs down from us is this hotel. Look at the small writing at the top of the sign. It says "Hot Springs Hotel" in English. All of us Arkansas people can appreciate this irony! :)

Brad eating at McDonalds. :) Today is our 11 year Wedding Anniversary! Love him more today than ever. God has blessed me with a man that is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I am very blessed.

My big mac! Pretty cool huh? Tasted pretty

much the same. Especially the fries.

We may not know where anything else is here in Beijing - but we know how to walk to McDonalds! We and 2 other couples ended up having to take flights a day early so today was a "free" day. Everyone else in our group will be arriving tonight. Sightseeing starts tomorrow. See the air conditioning units? That is what EVERY building looks like except this is actually a small building.

This is Macy and her new friend Maggie. Another couple in our group that arrived early have brought along their 5 year old daughter. This will be their 2nd adoption. They are 47 and 50 years old. The couple I became acquainted with on the plane yesterday, Herb & Monicka from Ohio, are 47 and 53. I LOVE how these people's hearts are so open to God leading them into adoption. Most people at their age are not open to what a blessing adoption can become in their lives and the life of a small waiting child. Maggie and Macy played their little hearts out today during breakfast and in our room while Tim & Lynne, her parents, offered Brad some converter advice. They had gotten really quiet in the bathroom playing and we discovered they had colored their entire arms blue with Macy's markers! Thankfully it was the washable kind!
Look closely and you will see that this sign says, "Please don't smoking." We all thought it was funny. Most of the translated stuff here seems awkward in it's wording.

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