Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 1 in Pics

Macy and Daddy on the flight from Fayetteville to Chicaco.

The reason I don't have too many stories about Brad yet is b/c this is about all I have seen him do so far. In the airport, on the plane....he has enjoyed getting to know his PSP better! FYI he has been a tad cranky since the made him feel yucky.

Glenda and mom Dorinda after exiting customs. Ready to go to hotel and go to bed! Brad is somewhere behind them trying to push luggage cart through throngs of people to catch up!

Oh - there he is...Lisa's husband Russell is helping stack bags back up! See starbucks in the background at the airport? :)

Glenda and Macy at Gate C18 in Chicago waiting to depart for Beijing.

This is Glenda meeting Lisa Holcomb and her mom for the first time outside customs at the airport in Beijing.

Here is our first sight on Chinese soil. The Red flags.

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