Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wheels Up!!!

We have now been up for 26 hours.....I am WIPED out! The sun was shining on us for the last 25 hours! We flew with the sun - so I am so messed up! Going to bed now - so the short update is....we are here safe in Beijing! It was a VERY eventful day...but I am way too tired to think straight - so you'll all have to wait for the details! One hint is - my little paper bag on the plane got used... ;) When we wake up 20 hours.... :) just kidding.... let's say at 9 AM or so...(it's 7:45 PM here now) - it will be 8 PM tonight for you - I will try and get the details posted before 10 tonight your time!! (We are 13 hours ahead). Love you all & please keep praying for us to be healthy and safe on our journey to Mia! We will have her in 6 days! Pics and details later!


LJ said...

So glad to know you made it to Beijing. Will continue praying for your family. Looking forward to following your journey to Mia.
~Lois Rodgers

ConfidentGurl said...

Glad you made it safetly to Bejing. Wow 13 hours difference thats a lot. When I went to Belarus it was 9 hours difference. I know about how time changes throw you off. I bet you would be tired. Glad to see everyone made it okay. everyone is healthy.