Thursday, June 7, 2007

Transformation of my beautiful Mia!

These pics start with Mia now and go through Mia one month ago - the day we got her. What a beautiful transformation that is taking place!

Oh - what this smile does to my heart! This pic was taken Saturday, June 2 - 2 weeks after arriving home.

I managed to keep the hat on for just a few pictures!

Mia can somehow army crawl faster than any baby I've seen. She is thrilled to be put in the floor and have so much open space to explore.

She is of course getting lots of cuddling! My little photographer Macy snapped this picture during our jet lag recovery week. None of us managed to make it out of pajamas that week b/c we weren't sure when we would be sleeping or when we would be awake!

This was the amazing airport traveling baby! We traveled for 30+ hours the day we came home and both girls were AMAZING! Mia only cried for maybe 15 seconds the entire trip - but when we got in the car to drive home from the airport she screamed her head seats were NOT OK for a couple of weeks!

For someone who had never had a real bath - Mia is a little fish! She loves the water! So did Macy - I've been blessed! This was Mia's first bath in China.

This is Mia on the 4th day in our family. She is starting to smile more and more.

This is Mia the first day in our family. Clean and adorned with a big hairbow - but still checking out all these new things and new people.

Mia is still wearing her orphanage clothes. This is the day we got her - and Macy is excited to show her all of the toys we brought. Mia is not so excited. A little overwhelmed I think.

Mia during the first few minutes after we received her. We are still at the Civil Affairs office where our group received our babies. May 9th 2007.

What a transformation is taking place in our sweet girl! It is beautiful to watch her blossoming before our very eyes. Every day is a new adventure!

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