Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday night...getting better

Macy was sooo exhausted that she fell asleep on our way into town to pick up our manna from heaven (aka blessed food!). She slept from 7 PM straight through until 6 am this morning. Mia slept from 10 - 1am. She went back to sleep about 3am and is still asleep at 9am! I however never could go back to sleep after I am running on two hours of sleep today. My mind was just whirling last night and I couldn't sleep. I stayed in bed and rested though. So MAYBE tonight we will have a victory party and ALL sleep through the night! Could you all please pray for our family to recover from jet lag and to get on a good sleeping schedule!? God has been so faithful - and once again we need his help with this sleep thing!

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