Friday, May 2, 2008


What were we doing one year ago today? Oh my....about right now we were changing planes in Chicago. We were getting on that HUGE international plane headed for Beijing. I can still remember being up late the night before...packing. I had put tons of stuff into gallon size ziplock bags to keep our suitcase more manageable - and that turned out to be a great tip!

I remember being up at 4:30 AM one year ago today....clapping and talking to the video camera....saying - "We are coming to get you Baby Mia!"

Just as we were getting up to travel, a little girl was going to bed halfway around the world...with no idea of how her life was about to change.

All she had known up until now was a steel barred crib with a board in the bottom and one blanket. All she was familiar with was a room full of infants each in their own cribs. I really believe that the orphanage workers cared for the babies and did their best to take care of them, however Mia had never known what an intimate nurturing RELATIONSHIP was. Her life changed the moment they put her in our arms! All Brad, Macy, and I have done is pour out our love on her for the last year! We all adore her!

Not only has her life changed - but so has ours. We are so much fuller, happier, and complete since having Mia in our family. She is pure joy. I say all of the time that Macy and Mia are the 2 most delighful little girls on the planet...and I am SO BLESSED that God picked ME to be their Mommy. Wow.

One year ago today - our official "journey" began. Even though the journey had begun 2 years earlier with mounds of paperwork and lots of prayers - the real, tangible, touchable trip began this day, May 2, 2007.


Fuling Mom said...

What sweet memories!!! It is amazing how fast the time goes!!! In June we will be coming up on our 3 year anniversary of our trip to pick up Hope!
Crystal,Fred,Phillip,Stephen and Hope

Tommy said...

God has blessed Mia with a caring, loving family. Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony with me. You have reminded me of the grace of God that works in redemption. It certainly made my day!

God bless you all!

Tommy R Carpenter

DiJo said...

You put in into words so perfectly. Jeff and I were at the MSP airport right now, getting ready to board our plane too. What a blessing this year has been!
Enjoy your first anniversary!

LAURIE said...

Congrats! I am sure it doesn't seem like a year already! What a wonderful miracle and isn't it just like God to design such a perfect love, such a perfect uniting of hearts. No doubt Mia was designed to be in your arms and in your hearts. Cherish every moment...she will be grown before you know it. -God bless, Laurie

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. It truly just gets better and better with our little Chinese blessings, doesn't it? Sometimes my heart nearly bursts with it all! We missed you today at lunch.....try to make it next time!!!! Love ya,