Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4 - One year ago

May 4 is our anniversary. Brad and I woke up in China for the first morning on our 11th anniversary! Needless to say - it wasn't really in the front of our minds. The first night in the hotel had been wretchedly HOT. We called the front desk several times in the night and finally a guy comes up with a sensor gun, points it at our air vent, smiles, rattles off something in Chinese, and disappears. No help there!

We were recovering from jet lag and a sweltering night in a hard hotel bed....we may have remembered to say Happy Anniversary?? Hmmmm....seems like Brad was wanting to go see the new Spiderman movie that came out that day.... :)

We ended up meeting another family in our travel group at breakfast and he (Tim) arranged for us to take cab rides to a popular restaurant across town. I guess the favorite thing about my 11th anniversary would be that cab ride! I love adventure - and it was WILD! If you have never ridden in a cab in Beijing - you have not lived! Beijing is home to 16 million people! People were walking all over the streets! It seemed as if we almost clipped or killed about 300 of them on the way to eat! Fun fun!! :)

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