Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still Day 1 - One year ago

May 2nd of 2007 never had a night! I am not really sure where we were on May 3, 2007. Somewhere between Chicago and Beijing on the 14 hour flight to get Mia. We flew out in the am on the 2nd and landed in the evening on the 3rd (technically like 32 hours later) yet only 14 hours had lasped. The whole time change thing REALLY threw us for a loop!

I remember one of the most memorable...umm....I mean traumatic things from the trip was our landing in Beijing. It had been storming and the plane experienced more turbulence than I knew was possible without crashing! People were throwing up in their little airplane bags all around me - so finally I succumbed to the peer pressure and joined them (even though I was looking at a fixed spot on the ceiling giving myself a pep talk of "you are going to be are not going to be's's ok...." and then suddenly I couldn't hold down that airplane ham sandwich even for a moment longer!

My equilibrium was messed up for several days after this. I felt dizzy and sick for about 3 days before I felt stable again. Weird.

I remember the row of red China flags as we left the airport. Flying boldly in the sky proclaiming to anyone who entered here that this is CHINA!

I just wanted to see and hold my baby. My heart had been longing for her for sooo long!

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