Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A friend of mine asked me last week, "Today is the last day to sign up for T-Ball - do you want to sign Macy up? " I had one hour to I said ...."Umm...sure...ok."

Now I am wondering what I have gotten us into. :)

It is soooo cute to watch though! Mia is wearing me out though! Walk, run, walk, run, wander. Repeat.

Macy and her friend Raegan got on the same team - and they are soooo funny! Last night after standing in the outfield they got really bored - and Macy put on some lip gloss, then tossed it to Raegan. Raegan took off her glove and she is lubing up - putting on lip gloss too! Then she tosses it back to Macy. LOL! We were dying laughing!

Mia and Raegan's little brother River managed to sit still for .03 seconds!

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