Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 8 One year ago - May 10

One year ago today Mia had just had her first night of sleep in a crib with lush comforters and a pillow. I remembering worrying that I might have to strip the bed for her to sleep b/c all she was used to sleeping on was a board. But she rubbed her little hand on the soft pillow, laid her head down and was asleep in 30 seconds! I think she was thinking "Ahhhhh what is this comfort??? Calgon - take me away!" She slept until almost 6 AM. She woke up happy and ready to go.

Of course I had her in a hairbow within the hour. Still a blank expression about all of this. But a hint of a smile.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, are the perfect image of a wonderful Godly can see if in the way that you love and adore both of your beautiful girls. Thank you and Noni for sharing this awesome video with all of us. Happy Mother's Day!!! Enjoy and wonderful day with your precious definitely deserve it.