Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 9 One year ago - May 11th

Mia took a nap with me for the first time one year ago today. Just laying there looking at her...holding her little hand in mine....smelling her sweet skin....listening to her breathe....I was finally able to process some of my emotions. I'm not one to cry in the midst of an emotional moment - I have to process everything and integrate each aspect before it becomes "whole" for me. This was a special nap time for me!

I took this picture of my girls...on Mother's a hotel in China. My first Mother's Day with my 2 girls!

ONE really funny and sweet thing I remember was when they were rushing us up after our Gotcha Moment and back to the bus - Macy saw all of the families moving - and she looked up at me with the saddest voice and concerned eyes and asked, "Are we going to get to keep her?" ;) So sweet. I reassured her that Mia was ours forever now and that God had picked us to be her family.

I had told Macy that out of all of the little girls in the world that God had picked her to be Mia's big sister. And she said -"I know. All the kids were raising their hands saying....'Pick me, pick me'. And I asked her - "but who did God pick?" which she replied, "Me - Macy!" Soooo sweet.

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LAURIE said...

Glenda, thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. You are such a blessing to me, I stand in awe of your love for others, for opening your heart to Mia and being just an awesome Mom and woman of God! I just know that we would have a special kindred friendship if we did live closer because we share alot of victories in life. Like you... I have overcome alot of things but to God do I give the glory and the honor and the praise. So for now, we can be "blogging" buddies. how 'bout it? -Blessings, Laurie