Sunday, May 4, 2008

Most BLESSED woman on the planet

Absolutely. No doubt about it. Today is May 4th. 12 years ago today - I married the LOVE of my life. 6 Years ago today Macy was conceived. One year ago today we were in China awaiting patiently for May 9th to come so we could have Mia in our arms.

An amazing day for me. I was so bubbly and emotional while teaching my Sunday School class today. Sharing all of this. Verbalizing how I am the most luckiest, blessedest, happiest woman on the planet.

About then Macy rushes into our classroom and grabs Mia's hand saying, "Your teacher is here now, Mia....I will take you to your class" which Mia squeals and grabs Macy's hand and they race off down the hall giggling together.

Sniff....sniff. To which I said to my class in a blubbering excited emotional blurb..."One year ago today Mia had no idea that she had a big sister that loved her so much..." Sniff...sniff.....

Then I go on about how happy I am with huge grins and wiggles....only to be followed by the comment of one young gentleman in class... "You are nuts today!"

:) If being nuts means being this ecstatically joyful from God's goodness and blessings - then I will be nuts everyday! Pure joy was what I woke up with today. Wish I felt this way everyday! It is kinda like some great drug or something! :)

12 Years. Wow.

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Danette Bjornstad said...

This blog was so sweet it nearly made me cry...

My sister Lynn said she ran into Brad at Harps and he was asking for my blog address.. I had forgotten you all had one so got the link off of your Facebook and decided to take a look.

It sounds like life is going good for you! Hope you have a blessed day.