Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prayers answered - One year ago

Wow. I was looking back at blog entries from last year before we left for China and saw this one. It really struck a cord with me because of how AWESOMELY God answered EVERY PRAYER! If you have read our story - you know that this #1 prayer request that I had - was SO AWESOMELY answered!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Prayers Needed

As we approach this monumental day in the life of our family - we realize that the hurdles are not yet all crossed. We need for our friends and family to join us in asking the Lord for specific answers to these prayers:

1. That Mia will BOND quickly with us. She has been institutionalized for all of her 7 months - and many babies struggle with bonding and attachment disorder. We believe God can go ahead of us and prepare her for our family! WOW -SHE MAJORLY BONDED!

2. Pray for all 7 families that are adopting our babies from the same orphanage in Yang Xi. Pray that their daughters will bond and attach with their families quickly. The 7 baby girl's names are: Mia McMath (ours!), Kylee Oswald, Faith Rathjen, Jessica Morris, Jenna Holcomb, Maddie Cardwell, and Annie Copeland. Please call out the name of our girls to God asking for protection, health, & bonding. ALL OF OUR BABIES DID INCREDIBLE!

3. Pray that Macy will embrace her role as big sister and have an incredible God-given bond with her new baby sister!

4. Pray for Brad, Glenda, Macy, Dorinda, and baby Mia that we will all stay healthy during our stay in China. Many travelers struggle with illness and we need God's blessing of health while we are there! WE WERE ALL WELL.

5. Pray for the LONG flights! Pray that Macy and Mia will both be peaceful and happy while traveling! BOTH GIRLS DID ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

6. Pray for God's provision - He's gotten us this far- pray that He will provide for everything else down to the last penny! We are not sure yet how much our travel is costing - hoping we can stretch every dime to cover it all! With God all things are possible! GOD BLESSED US SO MUCH WE EVEN CAME HOME WITH A LITTLE CASH LEFT IN OUR POCKET! AMAZING! SOME EXPENSES WERE LESS THAN WE HAD ANTICIPATED!

7. Pray for God's favor in everything we do while there. We want to pray now for favor - in case we face any unforeseen circumstances while in China! WHEN BRAD FOUND THE GUY LEAVING WITH OUR LUGGAGE - THAT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE!

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