Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 7 One year ago - May 9


This is a copy of the paperwork we received the morning we were to receive Mia. It had an updated pic and footprint! Ahhhh !!!!! Her hair had grown back in (or so I thought) since my first picture of her !!

We were warned that usually the "receiving rooms" where they bring in the babies to the families is usually full of lots of drama and lots of chaos...babies scared....but the AWESOME thing is that out of the 9 families in our group - NONE of them cried! Except for maybe a tear or two...but no wailing!


Treasure Seeker said...

Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!

won't we remember this forever?!

love you Mia!
love you Macy!
love you Brad and Glenda!


Beth said...

Happy Gotcha Day!
I can't believe it's already been 1year. Mia and Macy are so adorable.

Love ya,

my3 kids said...

Happy one year anniversary...your sweet Mia is so adorable and so is Macy. What a lucky mommy and daddy you are. Janice - a fellow Yangxi mama