Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 4 One year ago - May 6

One year ago today we attended the Beijing International Church and then toured the Summer Palace. I remember a couple of things. They sang a song at the church.... "You lift me up....so I can walk on mountains...." and Brad being very emotional. To this day that song takes him back to that place in Beijing as he wrestled with all of this feelings. Now he says he should of had us just leave him there for a while to pray and get ahold of his emotions and the rest of the trip would have been so much better for him. Instead we rushed off to blazing hot hot hot touring. Exhausting.

My mom bought Mia her first Chinese Bible at the church that day.

This is one of my all time FAVORITE pictures and memories from China: when I had my mom "pose" over the squatty potty at McDonalds. :)

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LJ said...

Wow - I can NOT believe it's been a year already! I enjoyed reading your recap of the trip to Mia, and rejoice that you are together as a family.
Happy adoption day!!!