Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ughhhh the Paperwork!

I always read about how people spent MONTHS obtaining all of their paperwork for international adoption...but I thought - not me. I'm organized, efficient, ....I'll get it done in record time. Boy was I wrong! I am a crammer and thought I could sit down in one or two days and get it all done. But noooooo. Every piece of paperwork depends on another and on another.... And then it all has to be notarized. Then it all has to go to the capital to be notarized. After it comes back - then it has to go to the Chinese Consulate to be authenticated. THEN when it comes back you mail it to your agency who then mails it to China. WHOOOH!

After a little over 8 months of paper "chasing" ...literally....our "Dossier" (the final packet of paperwork) was logged in at China on October 19, 2005! The average wait to be matched with a baby was 7 months at the time.

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