Friday, April 6, 2007

Mia's "Finding Spot"

We received translation of Mia's finding spot. She was found outside the gate of a restaurant on August 21, 2006. She was estimated to only be a few hours old, and was taken to the local police department. In China they make several attempts to locate parents of abandoned babies (which of course they won't find) before they take them to the orphanage. Mia has been at the Yang Xi Social Welfare Institute since the day she was born.

That information was really hard for me to take in. My baby. Left at the gate of a restaurant just hours after she was born. Then spending the first day of her life at a police station. It makes me want to break down just thinking about it again. HOWEVER....I have embraced the fact that it was because of this abandonment...that she could be mine. And I rejoice that God has chosen us to be her family. And I am humbled that He has given us the opportunity to give her the same great love that He has given to us as His adopted children. Thank God for the BEAUTY of adoption.


Maggie said...

I know you wrote this a long time ago... but I like to think that my baby was left to be found.....

Glenda McMath said...

Maggie, I agree that our the babies that are "left somewhere" are left to be found! However the dictionary defines abandonment as: to leave completely and finally. So even thought they were left to be found...they were still left in a "final" the word abandoned seems to me to still fit.

As heartbreaking as the tens of thousands of babies are "left" somewhere each day....I am so thankful for the stories of the ones who get to be "forever found"! Wish they could all have a forever family!