Friday, April 6, 2007

Big Sister Macy

Macy and I played in the tulips in Fayetteville this week. (This was BEFORE the snow!) What joy and love she has brought to our lives! At first I didn't want to take her with us to China (that was when we thought we'd be traveling 2 years ago when she was 2!) But Brad could not stand the thought of leaving her for two weeks.

Now I am so glad that she will be going with us to China. She will share in this experience of our family growing. I think she will even be a good distraction for Mia if she's discontent. Of course Brad and I will have "Noni" along for great help too! That will make a BIG difference!


Gary & Sondra said...

Hi, Your blog is great. I really enjoyed reading about how it all began. So different then for us. Macy is a beautiful little girl. I can't wait to meet her. 3 1/2 more weeks and we'll be together in Beijing. Take care! Sondra

Dorinda said...

ohh! You make me want to cry!

Tell Macy that Noni says she looks like a Princess in the tulips! I can't wait to get both of my Princesses in my arms!

You have a way with words!
Love you all! I am excited to see my M&Ms!

Love ya!

DiJo said...

We look forward to meeting you in Beijing soon!!! Please tell Macy that we look forward to meeting her too! Hopefully we will be finalizing our plans on Monday!

Blessings for a wonderful Easter!

Diana & Jeff
(*Waiting for Ruby in Jiangxi)