Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Life in Perspective

The girl from Wal-Mart that thought my "Registry Scanner" was sooooo awesome....also asked me if I was taking all of the diapers in my cart on my trip. I had 6 cases of diapers, 2 cases of wipes, & some baby wash in my cart that I was buying for this Sunday's baby shower at church. I told her that a group of people always give me money and have me shop for showers. .....And she said....get this...." What an exciting life...I wish I had that much excitement."

OK - the scanner gun might look exciting. But a cart overflowing with diapers for a shower.....come on! I would have called my life chaotic! It's made me stop and think - what kind of life must she have to think a registry scanner gun and being the point shopper for a shower - is an exciting life? I guess I should be more thankful for my chaos if someone finds it "exciting".

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