Friday, April 6, 2007

Getting to China

We received our Travel Approval from China this week! We are tentatively scheduled to fly out to China on May 3. We will arrive in China on May 4th, our 11th wedding anniversary - and we will be in China with baby Mia in our arms during Mother's Day! The best part is that I will have both Macy and Mia with me this mothers day! What a gift to have both my girls together with me! Macy is going to be such a wonderful big sister. It is amazing at the love she already shows towards Mia. She doesn't want to share some of her toys with the other kids that are here at our house during MOPS each week, but when I ask her if she is going to share with baby Mia - her eyes light up and she says yes! (Although I'm prepared for that to change when she sees Mia chewing on all the toys!)

Brad thinks he will have his video camera glued to his head while we are in China. Mr. Aspiring Video/Movie Man...he plans to make a documentary of our trip. He is so gifted in that area! One of our missionaries wanted us to "jet" over to the Phillipines while in China and have Brad meet with the Asia Pacific Media Ministry. Yeah right! Who cares about anything but getting our precious baby! :)

My mom will also be traveling with us to China. What a blessing that will be with having 2 girls on the 14 hour flight home! "Noni" already has a grandma bag packed for the plane ride over with Macy. I'm anxious to see what all distractions she has in her bag of tricks!

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