Saturday, April 14, 2007

Funny Baby Registry

Carolyn is giving me a shower this Friday and is promoting for some people to shop for things for our trip. So as I'm registering for a baby shower at Wal-Mart...this girl sees my "registry" gun - and asked me - did you buy that here???!! She acted so excited and as if she wanted one. I don't think she even knew what it was - she just saw me scanning things!! :) So funny!

I was actually the one getting excited when she saw me b/c I was registering for those boxes of flavored tea where you just add a packet to a bottle of water - and discovered they have a brand that is caffeine enhanced called morning spark - you just add a packet to a bottle of water and have cranberry or orange drink....with caffeine! Woo hoooo! I was excited and many of these can I fit in my suitcase? I've heard diet coke is hard to come by in China!

I have to wonder if security is watching thru the little cameras in the ceiling bubbles. What do they think when they see someone like me carring around a baby registry gun and scanning drugs from pharmacy, caffeine drink mixes, etc....!!! I'm surprised they didn't bring me in for questioning! Good think I wasn't registering for Sudafed or they might have suspected me to be running one of the local meth labs! ;) Whewww, what an adventure this was!

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Dorinda said...

And I thought I was ditzy?!!! At least I think I know what a registry scanner thingy is.... ha!

So, what is the info on your Wal-Mart gift registry. Do we go to and put in mcmath ?

lots of love - mom