Friday, April 6, 2007

Mia's Orphanage

I was able to find these pictures of Mia's orphanage by joing the YangXi Yahoo Group. I was at first shocked to see that the bottom of each crib is lined with a board instead of a mattress. My mouth dropped and I was speechless. But after contemplating it - and being gracious about it - maybe they have to use boards for sanitary reasons - I don't know. But I can't fathom our babies spending the first 6 months of their lives laying on boards! ;(


travelmom and more said...

The photos of the YangXi orphanage you posted were photos I took in July of 06, when I was in China adopting my daughter. The boards look worse than they are. YangXi is very hot and it is common for people in S. China to sleep on matts or boards on the floor. The boards are very smooth and the room was also very sanitary.

YangXi is a good orphanage, all the babies in our group of 12 were healthy and well cared for. We have been home about 9 months now and all of our girls are thriving.

When we traveled to the orphanage some of the parents did not go, some took their children, and some of us split and one parent stayed with their baby and the other went. I would suggest going if you or your spouse can go, see how your daughter is doing before you decide to take her or not. I did not take my daughter, although I think she would have been fine with the trip. My husband stayed with her, it was important for me to see her orphanage and the are she came from, we also saw all of the finding spots so now I have those for her.

Congratulations and safe travels.
here is the site I used when we traveled to get an idea of what to expect.

scribe said...


As travelmom says, it's not that bad. Lots of people sleep on hard, clean surfaces, and these girls are well-looked after!

Heather (Mama to a 3-year-old from Yangxi)

scribe said...

Me again ...

Not to be too flip about all of this. It is hard to process, that someone left a baby in such a place, and that life seems so barren for the kids in the SWI. But as you probably already know, there are complex reasons for this happening. So, as heartbreaking as her origins may be, be happy that you are getting this sweet wee thing to raise. And congratulations!

macymiamom said...

Thanks you guys for being so reassuring about the orphanages. I processed it all so well while researching this phenonmenon in China. But when it became personal - and it was "my" baby...I reacted differently than I thought I would. Guess it is that protective mode kicking in! Needless to say - I am thrilled that Mia is joining our family and already love her soooo much.