Friday, April 6, 2007

Snow & Kittens- All on April 5, 2007!

In the midst of our "flurry" of activities...I discovered JoJo had her babies when I came home for lunch yesterday! 4 tiny baby gray kittens. They are so small they actually look like mice!!
You can still see the umbilical cord on this little one!

Then last night as I was running the skid steer (part go-cart, part video game, part dozer!!) to move the massive rocks in our yard so that we can finnnaallly plant grass - it started snowing! Huge flakes! On April 5th after several weeks of 80 degree weather!! (Brad finds it very comical to come home to find me running heavy equipment - but it is Easter week and he is swamped with his illustrated sermon prep!!!)

Here's a pic of the tree in our driveway.

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