Sunday, April 6, 2008

Commentary for Pictures

I am trying something new today - and it is not wanting to work for me! I posted my pictures to the blog straight from Picasa - and they are there!!!! - but it won't let me comment beside the pictures now! So you will have to read...and scroll down!

FEEDING THE DUCKS First of all - we took Mia to feed the ducks at the park for the first time. She was soooo funny! I don't think she quite knew what to think. My favorites from the collage from that day are the top 2 center pictures. The top one Mia is running and screaming from a little tiny duck....the middle center picture shows Macy reaching out over the water to get one of the mean ol' geese to eat the bread out of her hand! It was quite the contrast!
FIRST TRIP TO FUN CITY We took Mia to one of those fun pizza places (kinda like Chuck E Cheese). She is proving me wrong from the Feeding the Ducks Trip. She climbed up into this HUGE maze of herself.....and stayed up there running from one window to the next to look out. But then I lost her...I sent Macy after her....and Macy was trying to get her to come out....but then Macy lost her. I was starting to get a little sweaty and panicky....(I know she couldn't go anywhere else)... but I couldn't see or hear my baby! Finally she emerged from a slide about 10 minutes later - all smiles! Whew. I was fixing to climb myself up in there with all those kids if I had to. Thankfully - I didn't have to!
SPRING DAY - I took pictures of the girls today after church in Mamaw & Pa's yard. Thank you God for green grass! Woooo hooo! I am so READY for the brown of winter to pass!
----- I also put Mia's hair up in pigtails last night. It has taken her hair soooo long to finally grow out. I think Mia may have been one of the only babies in our travel group who had her head shaved - so getting her hair long enough for pigtails is a BIG deal for us!

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