Tuesday, November 13, 2007

6 month update since Gotcha!

Wow how this girl is growing! And RUNNING! And LOVES being DESTRUCTIVE! No matter how clean the floor is when the morning begins - Mia has her mind set on throwing as much stuff on the floor as quickly as she can!

I finally got around to our "American" pictures! I have made it a point to do these once a year with Macy - and today was Mia's FIRST "Proud to be an American" picture day!

Everywhere we went today - people were shaking their heads and smiling at Mia. Saying things like.... "She's something else", "Boy she's busy", Man, she has a lot of energy" etc... Usually everyone stops to say how cute the girls are.... but today they were all noticing my wild child's zest for life! And yes she is busy, energetic, curious, and most of all DESTRUCTIVE and like a bull in a China closet! :) I LOVE IT!

We had a costume party at our house last week with our MOPS group. Macy was a "pink tinkerbell" and Mia was a bee. Great to do this after Halloween cause all the costumes are on clearance! They were so sweet!

This little bee won't sting!

We are missing 4 of our usual kids for this picture - but as you can tell - other than Macy and her friend Raegan - all of the others are 1-2 years old. And Mia is the only girl among that age group! Her rough and tumble ways should fit right in!


The Oswalds said...

I love the America pics. What beautiful girls! Love seeing new pics & hearing how you are all doing.


Anonymous said...

Mia and Macy are so adorable. Mia is going up so fast. Thanks for the updates. I really enjoy seeing how well Mia has adjusted. You can tell that she is loved so much by you.