Saturday, October 13, 2007

5 month update since gotcha

OCTOBER 13, 2007

Okay. So I have become absolutely terrible about keeping up my blog. But life with these 2 girls and Brad just flies by! :)

Mia has become a little bull. She started walking timidly on her birthday - (Aug. 21)....but has not stopped since! She literally runs into and over EVERYTHING! It is not that she is clumsy - she just does NOT slow down for anything! Her balance is so good - she climbs onto any table or chair that she can and then squats up and down like she is dancing - with a HUGE grin on her face! She is so proud of herself for climbing to such heights! But when it comes to running - watch out! She WILL run over you! Even if it causes her 15 bruises to get there!

It still amazes me that this little baby with such a blank expression and quiet personality could blossom into this "move it or lose it", vivacious, adventurous, life loving child! I am amazed more and more each day!


OCTOBER 1, 2007
A couple of weeks ago a friend of ours had left his 4-wheeler at our house so could use the attached grass seeder (still working on this massive yard project). So we took it out for a family adventure one morning.

I will have to say, that as we rode for those 2 hours - it seemed like just a few minutes. The day was absolutely beautiful. Blue skies, cool air, and our family together. This 4 wheeler is the ultimate family ride. It has a dual seat with a back on it for me! There is plenty of room for all 4 of us to ride safely and comfortable! Of course we never got more than 5 miles an hour!!!! :) We just rode off behind our house and the airport....there are all kinds of trails back in here.

As we rode I thought about how blessed I am. I spent the time thanking God for his goodness. And I am convinced that the two most precious girls on the planet are mine!

Mia LOVED riding the 4 wheeler. She would just wave her little hand at everything....trees, squirrels, spiders, the wind..... And of course Macy loved it too! I have marked this day down as one of my all time favorite days of all times. I will always treasure it in my heart. Slowing down for a few moments of family togetherness. Mmmmm....


LJ said...

Tanya sent me an email letting me know about your latest update. So good to see Miss Mia blossoming. She reminds me of Claire - running full steam ahead! :-) What a wonderful blessing.
Will bookmark your blog and check in for updates.
~Lois R.

my3 kids said...

What a couple of beautiful girls you have. Happy 5 months. We just celebrated our 2 year Gotcha day and life couldn't be any better. Our little girl is from Yangxi too:)

Aunt Jeanie said...

I love you girls very much. I can't wait until I get to visit with you and get to know you better. Both of you are so very beautiful and growing up quickly.You are the luckest girls to have each other as sisters. I know that you will be very close and nothing will come between you. I love you ,