Sunday, July 15, 2007

Month 2 At Home

For MONTHS Macy and I talked about how one day when we went to Sam's Club where they have the dual child carts - ONE DAY her sister Mia would get to sit with her...and the day finally came in early summer on our first outing to Sam's since returning from China! Woo Hoo!!
I took these pics at my Sunday School Class get together. These were taken on the trampoline at Kenneth & Melissa's house- overlooking their beautiful view.

These two pics were taken on our vacation days in Branson when we stayed in the Kelly's condo. We have stayed there every summer for five years.
Macy had her first powdered donut here at 7 months old and we thought it would be fitting to carry on the tradition with Mia! She....destroyed her first powdered donut!

These girls were EXHAUSTED after a day at Silver Dollar City! It was one of our first big outings with the double stroller that Kellie Vanover blessed us with! Thank God for GREAT strollers and GREAT friends! :)

Mia finally gave it up at White Water while Macy and I went riding the water slides. I returned to this precious sight!

After Branson for 3 days (trying to fully recuperate from our China trip...since we hit the ground running hard when we got home...) we spent the rest of the week in West Memphis with my family. It was the first time they all met Mia!
I love this expression that Mia is making as Uncle Bubba gives her a smooch!

My mom and dad took us to eat at "Big Foot" in Downtown Memphis. This hamburger fed the entire family of 8!

Our Mia is turning into quite the party animal!!!!!!

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my3 kids said...

Mia is just too cute!!!love the hair!!!